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Financial Planning for P&G Employees

For Procter and Gamble and other corporate executives, we utilize our tax-efficient Clear PathTM process
for individual retirement income that seeks growth while minimizing risk and provides a disciplined game plan for future cash flows.

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P&G | Cincinnati OH | Clarity Wealth Management

We develop tailored solutions to help our P&G executives and retirees work towards their financial goals. 

Our focus encompasses the Accumulation, Protection and Transferring of your wealth to future generations to meet your family’s objectives. Additionally, professionals nearing retirement are many times too busy to do in-depth retirement planning. 

We work with P&G professionals to make sure all areas of retirement planning are addressed, especially focusing during this phase of their lives on the accumulation of adequate wealth for a comfortable, worry-free retirement. The transition into retirement can be overwhelming and even scary if proper wealth planning has not been done. We know P&G and its financial worth when it comes to its executives and retirees.

Cincinnati’s Fortune 500 Clients | Cincinnati OH | Clarity Wealth Management

Cincinnati’s Fortune 500 Clients 

We’re not here to trick or confuse anyone when it comes to finances. Instead, we prefer to have honest transparency as we offer easy-to-understand solutions. 

We believe strongly in educating our clients on how behavior will impact financial preparedness. That why we make it a point to talk about behavior every chance we get. It is our preparedness that when (not if) unpredictable things happen around you, our team has already built a plan that accounts for the unexpected. 

We’ve been in Cincinnati, Ohio for many years, and we’ll be around for a while more. Our clients know we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That is why we can work with you if you are just starting on the path to retirement or you have already jumped on the retirement path, it is important to know you can live safely and securely.

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